On Eurovision, songs that have nothing to do with music, and yay! the garden is finally planted.
On laws, justice, and a whole lot of side eye
On helpers, chaos muppets, and fyi--if you overcook lentils they become a kind of porridge that resembles mashed potatoes.
On everything, everywhere all at once, and melting cheese on the OUTSIDE of the tortilla... you're welcome.
On why I watch a documentary about the Roosevelts, persistence, and isn't chicken broth and chicken stock the same thing?
On visiting Santa Fe, red or green chile, and the joy of doing nothing in another town.
On things that are making me hopeful right now, springtime, and finding the most aesthetically pleasing place to enjoy my morning coffee
On being irritated, staying in my lane, and spending the morning listening to Russian protest music, as one does.
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